Capital of Good Life

Kuopio’s vision is to be the Capital of Good Life. Kuopio is safe, unique and inspiring, and the best place for children. Cultural services and sports and exercise opportunities are constantly developed in close cooperation with partners.

Health, vitality and happiness are the elements of good life in Kuopio. The proximity and purity of nature are among the things that make Kuopio a good place to live and work. Investing in ways to support employment and entrepreneurship will continue to be a priority in the future.

Kuopio implements culture and sports projects using a multi-producer model where private parties play a major role. The latest project is a swimming pool and ice arena complex, which will be completed shortly. Moreover, major investments will be made in the Savilahti sports and events facility in the upcoming years. It is imperative to Kuopio that the state continues to provide aid for major culture and sports projects.

Kuopio is home to Kuopio Health, a business-driven cooperation network committed to promoting competence, research and business life in wellbeing, the food industry and health technology as well as raising awareness in the health care industry. Kuopio Health promotes development, research and new innovations stemming from customer needs and acts as a platform for new products and services.

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