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Kuopio, with its distinctive character and positive spirit, came out strong in a survey measuring willingness to move, compared to e.g. Jyväskylä and Oulu. Wellbeing and growth in Kuopio are intertwined with popularity among families, study opportunities as well as cutting-edge global research and expertise.

“The Kuopio region grows mainly through exports and jobs.”

Kaija Savolainen, CEO, Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce

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Priorities of Development

Kuntolaakso – uniting city districts

Kuntolaakso is an extensive development project concerning the swimming pool and ice arena complex and parking services in Niirala, Kuopio. The project period is 2018–2020.

Sustainable development and smart mobility

The goal is to follow the principles of sustainable development to develop e.g. public transport and commuting, reduce car dependency, improve the conditions for walking and cycling and remove any bottlenecks that reduce safety and accessibility.

Puijo Peak – Nature Activity Park

On Puijo, at the peak of happiness, you can experience local activities that respect nature, not to mention local delicacies served in high-quality restaurants. Puijo Peak – Nature Activity Park brings together sports and exercise, cutting-edge technology and Finnish design in a unique, pristine forest, right at the heart of the city of Kuopio.

Development of Tahko

Tahko is already known for its big events and as the promised land of downhill skiing, golf and cycling. In the future, the idea is to further develop the Tahko area for year-round use and make the wider public more aware of it both in Finland and abroad. In line with this objective, the vision of the Kuopio–Tahko area is to be “The fastest developing event and tourist area”.
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Jarmo Pirhonen
I have heard much praise about how Kuopio is a city like no other and has a strong positive spirit. We performed well in e.g. a survey measuring the willingness of people to move here.
Jarmo Pirhonen
Mayor of Kuopio
City of Kuopio
Jukka Pitkänen
Removing the obstacles to labour immigration is one way to increase the availability of competent labour in North Savo.
Jukka Pitkänen
Director of Economic Development
City of Kuopio
Kirsi Soininen
The city of Kuopio, with its almost 120 000 residents, is one of the top cities in terms of expertise in health and wellbeing. Investing in good life and the wellbeing of Kuopio residents is a sustainable investment in the future.
Kirsi Soininen
Marketing Director
City of Kuopio

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