Supervision of interests

The improvement of transport connections is vitally important in terms of the supervision of Kuopio’s interests. The city’s good transport connections benefit the economic development of North Savo as a whole.

Cities and sub-regional units are constantly working to improve their processes and manage the attractiveness of their area. Kuopio must keep up with this progress. The single most important measure is the improvement of transport connections.

Reports concerning the eastern rail connection have not dealt with the impact of the line on e.g. the gross domestic product or freight volumes, but the investment need has only been justified by rail passenger volumes. Kuopio, Siilinjärvi and Iisalmi have conducted surveys that also take economic data and traffic volumes into account. This data is essential when estimating how many tonnes of freight will be transported via the eastern rail and how it will affect the gross domestic product of the area.

A fast eastern rail connection is vital, but it is also important to keep in mind that, even if the line is constructed, it will be a long time before it can be put to use. This underlines the importance of national road 5. It is a vital artery not only for commercial transport, but also for commuting and tourism. 

The maintenance of B roads also benefits other industries, such as dairy and beef producers. Kuopio is the biggest dairy producer and the second biggest beef producer in Finland.

Good transport connections are among the most important factors contributing to the attractiveness of the region.

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