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The various elements of transport connections by all means of transport are crucial for the continuing positive development of Kuopio – national road 5 has a year-round speed limit of 100 km/h and the train whizzes passengers from Kuopio to Helsinki in three hours.

“We want to serve the à la carte
of mobility to all of Finland.”

Jarmo Pirhonen, Mayor of Kuopio

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Priorities of Development

Kuopion Portti takes living and entrepreneurship to a whole new level

The impressive Kuopion Portti is rising as the new landmark of the city right next to the railway station in the city centre. Kuopion Portti forms a modern business hub with a travel centre, complete with high-rise buildings, squares and pedestrian and bicycle ways

Eastern rail connects half of Finland

The eastern rail will bring fast and reliable connections all across Eastern Finland. Development depends on these connections. Improving transport connections is vitally important to eastern Finland in terms of attracting businesses, daily travel and corporate investments.

Continuous travel-to-work area grows the residential area

One of the priorities of the vision of Kuopio is to be a centre of influence for one million people. It is important to ensure the development of national road 5, the overall standard of rail connections and the development of the airport as one of the main airports of our country. By improving transport connections, we can also develop a continuous travel-to-work area.

Smart Savilahti

Kuopio also considers good digital connections important and strives to become a 5G pioneer.  Development of the new district of Savilahti is part of the city’s preparations for the future. Savilahti Smart City combines working, studying, living, leisure and hobbies.
population of Kuopio
residents in commuting area
living in the urban areas
residents in catchment area
from the city centre to the airport
Jarmo Pirhonen
The various elements of accessibility by all means of transport are essential to Kuopio to ensure the continued positive development of the city. The road network should be improved, and the railway network should be reorganized. Air traffic must be maintained and developed.
Jarmo Pirhonen
Mayor of Kuopio
City of Kuopio
Kaija Savolainen
The single most important national measure is the improvement of transport connections. The fast eastern rail connection is important, but we need to keep in mind that its time frame is very long. This further highlights the importance of improving national road 5.
Kaija Savolainen
Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce
Kirsi Soininen
In Kuopio, distances are short, transport connections are good and all the essentials are located close by. In terms of work, wellbeing is linked to productivity and performance, i.e. the competitive strength of businesses.
Kirsi Soininen
Marketing Director
City of Kuopio

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