Our strength lies in community

14.2.2022 - 10:06

Kuopio by nature editorial 2022 

Imagine a freezing night of biting frost when the deep black sky is dotted with brightly shining stars. I’m skiing leisurely through the silence of a frozen lake on off-track skis. The snow creaks under my skis in the frosty night. There’s no need for a headlamp; the moon lights my way as a ski along the ice. I smile to myself, thinking that just a few kilometres more and I could be at the airport, lean my skis against the wall of the terminal, change into my business clothes and fly off to the capital region or even one of the metropolises in Central Europe.   

This region provides a variety of opportunities to work and enjoy your free time in a communal atmosphere where there is plenty of room for new ideas. High-quality educational institutions educate new talent for the region, while events enrich life throughout the year. Work and leisure intertwine and support each another, giving you the opportunity to build a life that works for you in both respects. For instance, you can easily cycle to work. When your time is not spent stuck in traffic, you can dedicate your after-work hours to studying, being creative or enjoying life. 

Kuopio has the freedom and passion to change the world, address problems and make things right. This is the way it has always been and still is.  

Kuopio provides a setting for living a life that looks like you. It lends a platform for growth and interactions, for good life. This is a city with a strong passion for life, the ability to live in the moment while working together to build a better tomorrow for everyone.

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Kirsi Soininen

Editor-in-chief, Kuopio by Nature

Marketing Director, City of Kuopio

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