Kuopio 2025 group to prepare a shared vision for the city’s economy

9.6.2020 - 15:27

Chairpersons of the council groups in the City Council of Kuopio together with the chairs of the City Board and Council are actively seeking solutions for the city’s economy after the coronavirus pandemic and in the next term of council. The team began its work under the name Kuopio 2025 group on 11 May 2020 and the first definitions of policy are expected to be announced already in the next few weeks.

In autumn 2019, the city of Kuopio launched a programme to balance its economy. The situation was challenging to begin with, but the global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic means that Kuopio is now facing unprecedented economic hardships. Prediction of the most important revenue item for municipalities, the municipal tax revenue, is exceptionally challenging. Despite the situation at hand, we need to look ahead and plan the upcoming years. We need a framework for economic planning both for the year 2021 and the upcoming term of council as a whole.

This was the starting point for setting up the Kuopio 2025 group on 11 May 2020. The group consists of the group chairs of the City Council and the chairs of the City Board and City Council. The first definitions of policy to balance the economy, implement new methods and structures and determine the level and scope of services are expected already in the next few weeks. In terms of the operational economy of the city, the effectiveness of services and operations compared to their cost is the key.

The Kuopio 2025 group is also examining investments, both those which have already been decided and planned investments. The impact of investments on economic recovery and job creation is vital, but the schedule, necessity and scope of the investments should be critically examined.

Kuopio aims to be a good place to live and do business. In the current economic situation, determining the level and availability of services requires restraint and careful consideration. Kuopio must continue to remain attractive for current and new residents and create conditions conducive to growth. 

More information: 

Chair of the Centre Party Council Group Hannu Kananen, tel. +358 500 378 718, hannu.kananen(at)kuopio.fi

Chair of the City Board Antti Kivelä, tel. +358 40 502 8192, antti.kivela(at)kuopio.fi

Mayor Jarmo Pirhonen, tel. +358 44 718 2790, jarmo.pirhonen(at)kuopio.fi

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