Kirsi Soininen: Savilahti – empowered by light

26.5.2020 - 11:29
Kirsi Soininen

Imagine the light of a clear and crisp autumn day, the sensation of sunshine caressing your skin on a summer day, the spectacular light show put up by a breath taking sunset! Positioned magnificently on the shores of Lake Kallavesi with its vivid waters, surrounded by forests and high hill landscape, each reflecting and filtering light in a particular way, that is what Savilahti’s unique natural light is made of.

Valo on merkittävä osa Savilahden luonnetta ja siksi myös luonteva valinta koko alueen kattavaksi t

Inherent in Savilahti’s spirit, light is a natural choice for a theme for the entire area. Light connects the area enriching its distinctive character and identity. Light is a source of wellbeing and safety, inspiration and flow of innovative ideas.  

Savilahti’s light does not merely light up its natural environments, housing and leisure. Instead, it is also a connecting element of innovations and knowledge locally. For example, we take legitimate pride in the cutting edge technology in imaging and photonics both in the Kuopio University Hospital, or KYS, and in the surrounding educational environments. Besides being a concrete illuminator, light is a creator of eureka effects.

Circle of Light – Creative Equation of the Area

The Concept of Light adopted in Savilahti aims to enhance the identity, attraction and spirit of the area and turn Savilahti into a vibrant urban space round the clock and year. The Concept of Light will be implemented by application of the Circle of Light, a programme for urban lighting, art, design and culture. The values inherent in the concept are low carbon emission, inspiration and participation. It is an equation of multiple variables unifying the area, which all actors can join.  

Something new is always generated at Savilahti’s different interfaces – when research, education, business, people and leisure meet, in different places, circumstances and spaces. Similarly, an interaction between light and space is created with lighting, for example, between and in the surroundings of different buildings.

A concrete feature of the Concept of Light are the street names: for example Pilkepolku (Twinkle Alley) and Kajonranta (Twilight Shore), supportive of the theme, foster imagination and promote positive image of the area. Events such as the Joy and Light in Savilahti outdoor festival arranged last autumn for the first time are important variables of the Circle of Light.

Light Creates Art

In Savilahti, art and design will enliven the streetscape with help of the Circle of Light. Savilahti’s art – whether permanent or temporary – will exploit light and get inspired by it.

It is fascinating how we manage to capture the seasonal variations of light. The shades and hues of light change with seasons creating different light-shadow effects. Would it not be impressive if, on the day of autumnal equinox, light focused on a particular space or an artwork in an exceptional way, creating instant art – unique to that moment? It is this kind of meaningful moments we want to create in Savilahti.

In Savilahti, light belongs to everybody.

Kirsi Soininen

Marketing Manager of City of Kuopio

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