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Vision of 2030: Capital of Good Life

Future illustation of Savilahti


Our vision is to be the capital, where the good life lives. Health, vitality and happiness are the elements of good life.

These are the strategic priorities of the vision of Kuopio in 2030:

  • A centre of sustainable growth for one million people – 200,000 inhabitants in 2040.
  • Progressive and international business life and business-friendly environments.
  • Strongly developing urban area Savilahti – Europe’s most captivating learning and innovation environments.
  • Finland’s fastest growing region of conventions, events and tourism.
  • Forerunner in health, environment and wellbeing.
  • Unique and inspiring nature and environments. The best place for children.

Strategic goals and success factors

The Kuopio strategy comprises four fundamental properties: Growing Kuopio, Happy and Healthy Kuopio, Resource-wice Kuopio and Progressive Kuopio. The success factors of Kuopio have been categorized accordingly. Digitalization, internationality and partnership are three additional themes integrated in all levels of the strategy.

”Kuopio with it’s partners enables sustainable growth and a good life.”

Distances from Kuopio to Europe by plane, names of the capitals of Europe


Air trafic

The coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19) has also posed challenges for air transport. At the moment, the aim is to return the flight duty offering to pre-corona levels. During the pre-corona period, the number of available flights was good: It is possible to fly on a business trip from Kuopio to Europe and return on the same day. However, Kuopio needs more operators in air traffic, which would have a positive impact on the price level.

National road 5

The conditions of main roads should be maintained so that their speeds can remain comparable. National road 5 is a kind of channel of growth and highly significant for the entire province and eastern Finland as a whole. Its development into a continuous route with a year-round speed limit of 100 km/h will intensify cooperation all along the road between Varkaus and Iisalmi and boost the efficiency of public economy.

Eastern rail connection

The eastern rail connetions will bring fast and reliable connections all across Eastern Finland. The projected Eastern rail connection to Helsinki via Kouvola and Porvoo is the common goal of seven provincial centres. The Eastern rail connection affects one million people in Finland alone. Improving transport connections is vitally important to eastern Finland in terms of attracting businesses, daily travel and corporate investments.

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